Welcome to Go2FullStack

Welcome to Go2FullStack

How to build a Virtual Local Network in Mac

AIM The VMs are in the same Local Area Network,they can visit each other. Hello World!!!!!世界,你好! The VMs' network is separated from the Host Machine's network. The VMs can visit the Internet. The VMs and the Host Machine can vis…

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Auto remote deployment script with Ant

A common scenario is that you are developing a project on your laptop, but you need to deploy the project to a remote server. Moreover, this remote server is located in an internal network for security reasons and has no external network IP address,…

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ValueStack, the data transfer mechanism behind Struts2

Ognl, ValueStack Basic ValueStack is the mechanism behind data transfer of Struts2. To understand ValueStack, you must first understand OGNL(Object Graphic Navigation Language). OGNL is used in Struts2 as an expression language. It can be used in…

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How to use BasicStroke properly in Java 2D

Basic Concept In JAVA 2D development, BasicStroke is used to define the characteristics of lines, and we can call the setStroke method in the Graphics2D class to set the newly created BasicStroke object. The construction method of BasicStroke is …

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Why I learn Java?

In about 1999, I started to learn C++ in school and develop some projects with the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. Then in 2000, one day, my tutor came to me and said, "there is an MIS(Management Information System) project to be developed in JAVA. You…

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